Aims and Scope

The aims of the journal of Public Management Researches of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan are as follows:

- Development and extension of studies and research based on new research of the honorable members of the faculty of universities and higher education institutions and research institutes
- Assistance in solving the management-related problems of the country and the region based on the results of applied research
- Reviewing and analyzing the theories of management science and putting these theories into practice
- Publishing new theoretical scientific and applied scientific findings to enhance and improve the knowledge of experts and specialists in the country
- Providing a forum to exchange ideas and create communication between researchers and management professionals
- To present the results of the applied research to the executive managers and experts of the country and to establish more meaningful communication between the university and the executive organizations of the country.


Subject Category
       Subject Area and Category: 

     Business, Management and Accounting
          -- Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
     Economics, Econometrics and Finance
          -- Finance
     Social Sciences
          -- Public Administration


Subject Coverage
The  journal of Public Management Researches (PMR) publishes the highest quality original contributions dealing with:

 - Management
 - Administration
 - Business economics
 - Business management
 - Commercial organization
 - Financial administration
 - Governance
 - Industrial management
 - Knowledge management
 - Marketing
 - Microeconomics
 - Public administration
 - Public management
 - Public policy
 - Risk management.