Author = Fariborz Rahimnia
Presenting a Model for Meta- Competencies of Public Administrators: Qualitative Approach

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 August 2023


Mohammad Mohammadi; Azar Kafash pour; Fariborz Rahimnia; Ali Shirazi

Competency Ddevelopment Strategies of Gglobal Transformational Lleadership in Iran’s Ministry of Energy

Volume 17, Issue 63, March 2024, Pages 65-90


Parvaneh Yazdani; Ali Shirazi; Fariborz Rahimnia; Saeed Mortazavi

Self- Sacrificial Leadership, a Participative Perspective: Phenomenological Approach

Volume 16, Issue 61, November 2023, Pages 95-128


Marzieyh Adibzadeh; Fariborz Rahimnia; Yaghoob Maharati; Ali Shirazi

Explanation Ethical Leadership Components in Islamic Republic of Iran's Defense Industry Organization with a Qualitative Approach

Volume 16, Issue 59, June 2023, Pages 31-58


Sayyed Reza Nouri; Gholamreza Malekzadeh; Fariborz Rahimnia; Alireza Khorakian

Identify the Soft Skills Required by the Hospital Nursing Workforce in the Organizational Hierarchy

Volume 15, Issue 55, June 2022, Pages 37-65


Shila Monazam Ebrahimpour; Fariborz Rahimnia; Alireza Pooya; Mohamad Mahdi Farahi; Morteza Pakdaman

Explanation the Pattern of Myopia of top Managers of Public Sector Organizations

Volume 14, Issue 53, November 2021, Pages 65-88


Azita Hajizadeh; Fariborz Rahimnia; Mohamad Mahdi Farahi; Ali Shirazi

Conceptualization and Discovery of Fanaticism Components in the Organization with Grounded Theory Approach

Volume 13, Issue 47, June 2020, Pages 85-110


Ali Ziaei Boukani; Fariborz Rahimnia; Yaghoob Maharati; Alireza Khorakian

Exploring Contingency Factors of Strategic Human Resource Management and Identify Effective practices of human resource

Volume 10, Issue 38, March 2018, Pages 89-116


Ali Reza Zabihi Khargh; Azar Kaffashpoor; Mohammad Mehdi Farahi; Fariborz Rahimnia